I know that everybody needs to make money

and that these days its hard to find a job
but I hope that they paid you a million dollars an hour
to have you drop those bombs :)
I like ghost mice

So I saw cursive last night with beth and jeff, it was really good.

I got a new tattoo pictures will be up if I ever get them on my computer.

I work every day and make crap so it pretty much doesn't seem worth it, but oh well I'm to lazy to find a new job. its just I wish I had more money, then again I don't wish I did. hmm I'm starting to remember why I don't update this thing anymore, cause I ramble and don't make sense.

I got a new septum ring in and it makes me happy. the end.
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did you seriously just make an update about that?

in other news I now have a job I work at the UC bookstore yay
my gf has a job at forever 21
CORNERSTONE is coming up. HOLY CRAP am I excited. I have been looking forward to this since the last day of last years cornerstone.
I get my grades tomorrow hope I have all A's

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I <3 art

since no one probably remembers that I even have a poetry LJ since its been so long since I have updated it, I'm going to just post my two newest poems on here. Feed back would be great.

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I still believe

that faith can move the mountains. I've been addicted to anything and everything with honor lately.

lots of stuff going on in life since I never update here are some highlights and lowlights.
-saw movies (slither, stay alive, thank you for smoking, scary movie 4)
-bought a super nintendo with 4 games for 22 bucks at goodwill (it rules)
-this hot chick named bethany bought me a KI pass so went three times this weekend!
-Looking for a new job (if anyone has any suggestions that would be great)
-Been trying to start working with this group called "food not bombs"
-school sucks taking 18 credit hours to make up for the 9 I ended up with last quarter
-haven't been to many shows (kind of sad really)
-looking for new apartment for next school year (again comment w/ suggestions)
-easter was nice, spent it with the family, good kids them family folk
-seeing thursday, minus the bear, mewithoutyou next month (dude)
-bought 100 dollars worth of food the other day (still only weigh like 120)
-decided mixing childrens stories and horror film clips would be a good idea
-Took lots of pictures
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